About us

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  • Own Technology
  • - Detector
    AED (Auto Exposure Detection) advances reducing error rate
  • Advanced technology provides slim, light & compact external
    Which enhances convenience for radiology professionals.
  • Minimum blind spot by low dead space 6mm(bottom) / 12mm(left)
    IP67 rated. (IP68 with Armor)
  • Slim type handle adopted considering the environment of use
  • - EOD software
    User friendly design / Various kind function.
  • - Accessories
    Own manufacturing : Control Unit , Armor, Detector holder, Backpack
    Modification : Pelican Case, Tripod
  • Quick customer service
  • Direct & quick response
    Repair in 1 month for most issue
  • Customizing available
  • Various customization possible by own manufacturing of main parts