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Introduction to Bontech Company Limited

Welcome and many thanks to everyone
who has visited Bontech’s website.
Bontech established the digital X-Ray detector division in 2013 and launched a high technology X-Ray image detecting solution in in 2015 within the healthcare market.
We have our own large area panel design technology and plan to continuously develop and sell products that meet market expectations as differentiated products.
We have a Vision to become a strong partner for customer growth through high quality, reliable products and to contribute to medical and Social development.
In addition, since 2019 we have entered the industrial field, launching and selling X-Ray detectors for electronic production inspection. EOD systems, NDT systems and line sensors for security.

It is our intention to grow into a small but strong company with advanced technology and high quality end products in the fierce global market.

Thank you all for attending today and for your interest and guidance.
JINRO LEE President of Bontech


  • Mar. Established Digital X-ray Detector division
  • Mar. First time products(under development) introduction in KIMES 2014
  • Nov. RSNA2014 – Introduced products to U.S Market
  • 4343 detector Launching
  • May. Medical device manufacturing license/ Medical device product license
  • Jun.01 KFDA GMP Certification
  • 3543 detector Launching
  • Apr. CE Certification
  • 4343 Wireless detector Launching(OEM)
  • Jun. FDA Registration
  • Dec. Completion of office building
  • 3543 Wireless detector Launching
  • 30% of domestic market share in 2018 (based on registration data from the HIRA Korea)
  • NDT detector Launching
  • May. Established overseas medical device manufacturing corporation (Central Asia)
  • Dec. Medical Social Contribution Award 2019 [Medical Imaging Division]
  • Mammo detector , EOD system Launching
  • Supplied to Incheon Airport
  • Mar. Covid-19 Diagnostic Equipment Installed in Local Health Centers in Korea
  • Apr. Order from Uzbekistan Health Department
  • EOD system
  • Supplied to Korean Marine Corps , Korean Airforce
  • Supplied to Presidential Security Service Korea