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On March 11th, We attended the briefing session for the main support project for the year 22 of the Korea Research Institute for defense Technology planning and advancement(KRIT), an organization under the Defense Agency, held at The K Hotel near Yangjae Station.

KRIT, which expanded and reorganized the existing Defense Quality Research Institute as of January of last year, has support centers in six regions across the country, and is here to support with a budget of 730 billion won, more than double that of the previous year, targeting small and medium-sized venture companies with creative ideas or technologies. 

This is a great opportunity for Bontech (

In the meantime, Bontech's EOD system, which incorporates 'Dual Energy' technology, a world-class core technology, has been developed in-house, so now is the time to enter overseas markets in earnest.

Among the 22 support projects, the EOD system is also suitable for the defense venture innovation technology support project (period of 3 years, up to 3 billion won).

Bontech should advance into Russia and Kazakhstan based on its local production plant in Uzbekistan, and actively target Egypt and MENA in Africa with its overseas branch in Dubai as a base.

Just as We was informed that the EOD system was finally selected as the 'Global Hit Product Export Voucher Support Project' of the KOTRA Gyeonggi Support Team, which was proposed last month, it is time to step on the momentum properly.



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