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A visit to the company by a military officer at the Mongolian Embassy …

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On April 1st, there was a visit to the company by the Defense Adviser of the Mongolian Embassy in Korea and a retired Marine Colonel who was a former military officer in Mongolia.

As a descendant of Genghis Khan, the Tushik Mongolian military officer is 180cm tall and has a magnificent body, and above all he is handsome.

After the Samgyetang lunch, there was a briefing and equipment demonstration by the CEO about Bontech's main product, EOD system, portable X-ray medical equipment, and non-destructive NDT inspection equipment.

The Mongolian military officer who looked around the product line on this day mentioned as follows,

- The EOD system is provided to the Mongolian border guards (affiliated with the Ministry of Justice),

- Portable X-ray medical devices are provided to mobile medical teams for nomads,

- NDT non-destructive testing equipment is suitable for Ulanbatar Railway Corporation or gas pipeline inspection equipment.


We are looking forward to the report of the results of the military officer's home country report following the tour of Korea's advanced medical and security equipment. ^^ 


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