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Foreign capital procurement subcommittee chairperson of KOIMA visits B…

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b2f05f54b1c2afc9c5dd4fd11655c676_1650006522_1194.jpg  ==> EOD system product description video 

The head of the foreign capital procurement subcommittee of the Korea Importers' Association (, which was established in the 1970s, during the period of economic revival, visited the headquarters.

In Koima, sellers in each country use their respective embassies and commerce organizations in Korea to actively promote their products to sell their products. At the center is Koima.

Following a visit to the headquarters of Inhwa Group and a luncheon, we toured the detector production plant of Bontech.

The EOD system has already been delivered to the Blue House, and it is a world-class luxury product that has already been judged to be far superior to the equipment of the Israeli NOVO company of the same type as a result of the test results of the equipment team.

Bontech's EOD system, which has been developed by investing KRW 19 billion in R&D, has already been recognized as a global hit product.

This is why we need to expand Bontech's overseas headquarters, just as we have already hired naval reserve soldiers who served as military attache in Russia and Kazakhstan during active duty.


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