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On June 1, KTL (Korea Testing Laboratory) under the Ministry of Trade…

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On June 1, KTL (Korea Testing Laboratory) under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy made an initial visit to the production site of Bontech. 


KTL ( is a specialized public institution that provides various certifications for domestic and foreign procurement products, as well as test and evaluation of products in 26 fields including machinery, industrial convergence products, SW, renewable energy, nuclear power equipment, medical, secondary battery, electrical and electronic, aerospace, and environmental fields.


The purpose of this visit is to check the production site for the test evaluation of the <Dual Energy-based EOD X-ray System> of bontech (, which was developed for the first time in Korea.


Military EOD units, police commandos, and related organizations such as Incheon International Airport have been using only expensive foreign-made products or cheap Chinese products. The product, which was developed in-house two years ago, had been evaluated by the purchasing agency as superior to overseas competitors in terms of resolution and detection rate, but this time it will be officially certified with the K-mark by a nationally recognized organization.


In the future, there will be advantages such as weighting in domestic and overseas procurement, brand enhancement for product performance, and priority benefits for various government support projects such as the technology guarantee fund.


In the second half of this year, we plan to conduct a government-supported reliability evaluation test. Based on this, we agreed to jointly develop a government-supported project worth 10 billion won for more active overseas expansion next year. This is why this year is more important than ever.




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