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An event to introduce an integrated system that equips Nurion's transm…

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On March 22, a company (Nurion) briefing on a real-time video transmission system for ground combat troops was held at the Forsythia Hall next to the main entrance of the Daejeon Army Headquarters. It is the scene of a typical Spin-On system development strategy that applies pure civilian commercial technology to the military.


If this technology, which operates various commercial devices based on LTE 5G, is adopted by the military, it will become an important means of an effective military combat command system that shares, quickly analyzes, and processes video acquired by combat personnel on the battlefield in real time from intermediate units to the command center.


This field tour is also an event to introduce an integrated system that equips Nurion's transmission system with bontech's EOD X-ray system. 

Next week, presentations are scheduled for the Military Engineering School in Jangho-won and the Intelligence School in Jangseong.


In modern warfare, only core technologies can survive, and the same goes for enterprises.



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