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Participating in the 38th KIMES 2023 (March 23-26) International Medi…

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Participating in the 38th KIMES 2023 (March 23-26) International Medical Equipment Exhibition at COEX. 


This international event is co-organized by Korea E&X and the Korea Medical Device Industry Cooperative, and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea Food and Drug Administration, KOTRA, Korea Healthcare Industry Promotion Agency, Korea Medical Association, Korea Hospital Association, Korea Women's Medical Association, and Medical Newspaper.

This year's exhibition was crowded with more medical device companies and more overseas visitors than usual in the post-COVID-19 era. The core exhibits consisted of various advanced imaging diagnostic equipment, healthcare devices, and AI-based medical information systems. The domestic medical device market alone was valued at nearly 10 trillion won in 2022, of which more than half were imported.


On the other hand, the domestic medical field that is growing through continuous overseas exports are items such as ultrasound diagnostic devices, tissue repair materials such as operating rooms, dental implants, soft contact lenses, and personal blood glucose testers.


The core medical devices of Bontech ( are portable/mobile X-ray, mammography, a breast cancer diagnostic device, and a newly upgraded veterinary X-ray device. Among them, it has developed its own detector, a core part of various X-ray systems, and is supplying it to domestic and foreign hospitals.


By applying X-ray technology in the medical field, bontech ( has developed NDT, a non-destructive testing equipment, and EOD system, an explosive detection equipment, for the first time in Korea.


Moreover, it has developed a system that can obtain clearer digital images by applying Dual Energy technology that utilizes the dual polarization effect to adjust the amount and angle of X-ray emission, and has already received a judgment that its performance is superior to that of Israel's N company. Nowadays, he is also challenging future technologies such as 3D digital image acquisition analysis and AI-based automatic diagnosis technology.


During the period, seminars and various business presentations were also held for overseas expansion. Among them, we participated in presentations in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Pakistan related to Bontech.


In addition, there was an urgent meeting between representatives for joint marketing and collaboration with Exbody, a company that provides digital exercise prescription solutions ranging from musculoskeletal checkups.




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