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From February 20th to 28th, the head of the Overseas Business Division made and future business continuation for EOD X-ray systems and portable medical devices.


The main purpose of the trip was to understand the existence and operation of EOD units within the Pakistani military and police forces and whether they need to be replaced, and to understand the operational use of portable X-rays related to the government's EDCF support for state hospitals in Southwest Baluchistan.


During the trip, we visited the local air force headquarters and had a meeting with the chief of power (Brigadier General Ash Raf), followed by a visit to Apical ways, an agent company, to have an in-depth discussion on the local terrorism situation and the entry of EOD systems. We then had a meeting with the deputy governor and health officer regarding the EDCF project for the Baluchistan State Hospital. We look forward to good results through organic information sharing with each other in the future.


After the trip, we agreed to maintain regular business communication, including information sharing on domestic related exhibitions and technology trends of developers.


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