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Attended the Jeju Convention Center (JCC) International Symposium host…

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On February 16-17, we 
attended the Jeju Convention Center(JCC) International Symposium hosted by the Korea Society of Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense(KSCBRD).


Although it is an annual event, it was attended by a large number of domestic and foreign research institutes related to counter-terrorism and biodefense, as well as disaster-related fire departments, police, and military commandos.


It was an opportunity to formally introduce the dual-energy-based EOD X-ray system developed for the first time in Korea. As proven in the last ADD field trial evaluation, the event was highlighted by Bontech's developed equipment, which can identify not only the explosive components of gunpowder systems but also the fine powder and liquid components of chemical munitions through digital images.


This is evidenced by the performance evaluation results, which were far ahead of the Israeli company N, which boasts the highest level of EOD equipment, early last year.


In addition to the commander of the Armed Force CBR Defense Command and the head of the Army Chemical Warfare School, the seminar also received praise from experts from KAIST, KIST, KIPO, ADD Chemica-Bio, and representatives from the US DEVCOM (Combat Development Command).


Thank you very much to the 5 Avengers who worked hard in a short period of 1 day and 2 nights without having a chance to see the sea and rape blossoms in Jeju.


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