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We signed a joint business agreement with a domestic EOD(Explosive Ord…

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An <EOD system> refers to any equipment that detects and disposes of unexploded ordnance by EOD-related professionals such as military and police in various counter-terrorism situations. According to the Korean EOD Association (IABTI), there are a total of 19 items of detection and neutralization equipment that are deployed in stages.


A total of four companies and six equipment developers, ranging from SamjungSolution, INC., which developed the first anti-drone gun in Korea, to protective suits, gathered at Bontech's headquarters to sign a strategic partnership to promote joint projects at home and abroad.


This is to integrate all EOD package equipment under the brand 'K-EOD System' in accordance with the operational concept for conducting counter-terrorism operations and actively promote overseas expansion.


From next year, the company will jointly participate in various domestic and international security exhibitions, and an integrated e-catalog and website are also being produced for efficient promotional activities. Utilizing the online exhibition hall ( of the Korea Defense Industry Association (, which produces a separate product directory book to support overseas exports of domestic SMEs, is also an essential platform.


Next year, following the Dubai Security Exhibition in January, we will participate in the Jeju Convention Center (JCC) International Symposium on Counterterrorism in February to introduce the core technologies of our products.


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