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Attended a product presentation for domestic SMEs on October 6, organi…

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Excutive Conference Room at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jung-gu, Seoul.


We attended a product presentation for domestic SMEs on October 6, organized by the Korea-Egypt Development Association (KEDA) and sponsored by the Embassy of Egypt in Korea.


Held in the presence of KEDA Honorary Advisor Lee Hee-beom (former Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy), former Egyptian Foreign Minister Park Dong-jin as a partner, and the Ambassador of Egypt to Korea, the event was attended by 20 Korean companies that are based in Egypt and want to enter the Middle East and Africa region.


Prior to the presentation of products developed by the participating companies, former Egyptian Foreign Minister Navil introduced his country's economic status, investment and globalization strategies.


After introducing the core technologies and products of eight domestic companies, including natural gas-based eco-friendly vehicle replacement (NGV) and local internet network construction technology, Bontech ( introduced its EOD X-ray system (, including portable X-ray medical devices.



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