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On September 23, Mr. Zhanbolat, Chairman of Orda Group of Kazakhstan, …

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On September 23, Mr. Zhanbolat, Chairman of Orda Group of Kazakhstan, visited Korea for 6 days and 7 nights.


Although the visit was to source competitive products from Korea and explore medical device-related manufacturers,'s flagship EOD X-ray system, it is also an official trip to introduce the company's products to the local market, visit the headquarters for a local JV, conduct due diligence on the production plant, and sign a mutual MOU.

The Orda Group, which owns 77 subcontractors for public procurement in Kazakhstan, is also a huge infrastructure conglomerate with a wide range of plant, construction and railroad-related businesses.


The trip to Kazakhstan is the company's second foray into the CIS after its local production plant in Uzbekistan.

The official MOU signing on the eve of departure was followed by a lively banquet that started with Korean bomjoo and continued until the end of the visit. 

We applaud the efforts of the representatives of each country for their commitment to the growth of their companies and the national interests of both countries.




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