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Bontech participated in the International Defense Exhibition (DX KOREA…

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Bontech participated in the International Defense Exhibition (DX KOREA 2022) held at KINTEX from September 21-25.


Organized by the Army Association and Defense Expo, the event, which was successfully held even during the war in Ukraine, focused on weapons systems for the Army Ground Forces, and was attended by more than 350 domestic and foreign companies from more than 50 countries.'s flagship product, the EOD X-ray system, was exhibited in the Weapon System Hall and the Power System Support Hall.


On the eve of the opening ceremony, military-related VIPs and CEOs visited various firearms maneuvers, and during the event, various pitch programs were held, including a defense seminar on core technologies and an introduction to bontech's EOD X-ray system at the joint military headquarters of Korea and Denmark.


For the purpose of strategic global promotion, we also tried live broadcasting on Bontech's Facebook and YouTube channels for 10 hours for two consecutive days.


In addition to the head of Bontech's Dubai branch, a separate luncheon with the new UAE ambassador, an on-site booth tour by the head of the UAE Royal Guard, and VIP visits from CIS countries such as the commander of the Uzbek Ground Forces and the commander of the Mongolian Armed Forces.


In the case of Kazakhstan's Orda Group, the chairman's delegation even visited Bontech's headquarters and signed a JV-related MOU on the eve of their departure. The next step is to expand their presence at the 2022 International Security Industry Exhibition, which will be held at Songdo Convensia in Incheon from October 19-22.



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